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About Us


The CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance was built on the foundational values of earning three CURRENCIES OF INFLUENCE – CREDIBILITY, TRUST, and RESPECT – from the constituencies that it seeks to support and serve.  


These currencies of influence will be earned by building three ASSETS OF IMPACT. The currency of CREDIBILITY will be earned through distinctive, consistent RESULTS, the currency of TRUST through dependable, caring RELATIONSHIPS, and the currency of RESPECT through superior, relevant RESOURCES. 


We intend to build these assets of impact by making three INVESTMENTS OF INTENTION. We will build the asset of RESULTS by investing intentionally in CAPABILITIES, the asset of RELATIONSHIPS by investing intentionally in CHARACTER, and the asset of RESOURCES by investing intentionally in COMPETENCE.


In addition, the core military values of HONOR, COURAGE, & COMMITMENT inspires our dedication to veterans, our primary constituency of interest. 

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