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CTR Factor, Inc. is proud to celebrate 15 years of assessment and training development for leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion for over 167 large, midsize and small companies in 12 sectors nationwide. With this partnership and experience as a way to give back to our Veterans and Communities, we formed the CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance, a 501(c)(3) US Veteran organization founded by Retired GySgt Kelvin Scott, a 22 year USMC Veteran. The sole purpose of this nonprofit is dedicated to utilizing these training and development skills embodied with the values and dedication of our US Veterans to serve our local communities as they have always done for us through their commitment and service to our country. This nonprofit is US Veteran sponsored, supported and led



Our mission is supporting the cause of current and future US Veterans and our communities through the three enablers of Education, Employment, and Engagement. The CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance was built on the foundational values CREDIBILITY, TRUST, and RESPECT from the constituencies that it seeks to support and serve. These values are incorporated in our logo - CTR.  The CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance is a “one of a kind organization” that supports current and future veterans integrate into civilian life through its Veterans Transition Training Program (VTT); employ Veterans through its Veterans Recruiting Program (VRP); engage Veterans in the communities they have always served through its Honor, Courage, and Commitment (HCC) Program and assist low-income communities through its Building Blocks (BBP) Program—Rebuilding A Community One Block at a Time. This mission drives our passion for what we do on a day-to-day basis.

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