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The CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization set up for the express purpose of supporting the cause of current and future US VETERANS through the three ENABLERS OF EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, AND ENGAGEMENT.



To be a “one of a kind” organization that supports Veterans integration into civilian life through its Veterans Transition Training (VTT) Program; provide employment for Veterans with a second career and income through its Veterans Recruiting Program; engage Veterans in assisting at-risk students in the school system through its Honor, Courage and Commitment (HCC) Program; and assist low income communities through its Building Black and Brown Families (BBBF) – Rebuilding Our Communities One Block at a Time; and its Essential Farm Workers and Families (EFWF) Program - Changing Our Future.


The CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance was built on the foundational values of earning three CURRENCIES OF INFLUENCE –CREDIBILITY, TRUST, and RESPECT – from the constituencies that it seeks to support and serve.  These values are incorporated in our logo - CTR.

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