Honor, Courage & Commitment

Honor, Courage and Commitment (HCC) Program – this program will leverage military veterans as faculty members to prepare high school kids at-risk of not graduating or not going to college for an alternative career in the military, law enforcement and other public service or trades with 60 hours of either in school and/or after-school programming over 3 months 3 times a school year for Juniors and Seniors.  This consists of attending the HCC Program 2 times a week for 2 hours each, and 1 Saturday a month for 4 hours for a community service project.  The HCC Program includes two tracks:


  • The PREPARATION TRACK will prepare the students better to succeed in the 7-step military qualification and selection process through a specific curriculum designed for this purpose (similar to college prep courses and SAT/ACT prep).


  • The PERFORMANCE TRACK will drill in core principles of leadership found in the military using the framework of HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT, and apply these values to earn the leadership currencies of CREDIBILITY, TRUST and RESPECT, so that they can be better leaders in their life and careers, and negotiate their initial military onboarding and training.

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