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Honor, Courage & Commitment




OVERVIEW: Honor, Courage and Commitment (HCC) Program – this program will leverage military veterans as faculty members to prepare high school kids at-risk of not graduating or not going to college for an alternative career in the military, law enforcement and other public service or trades with 60 hours of either in school and/or after-school programming over 3 months 3 times a school year for Juniors and Seniors.  This consists of attending the HCC Program 2 times a week for 2 hours each, and 1 Saturday a month for 4 hours for a community service project.  The HCC Program includes two tracks:


  • The PREPARATION TRACK will prepare the students better to succeed in the 7-step military qualification and selection process through a specific curriculum designed for this purpose (similar to college prep courses and SAT/ACT prep).


  • The PERFORMANCE TRACK will drill in core principles of leadership found in the military using the framework of HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT, and apply these values to earn the leadership currencies of CREDIBILITY, TRUST and RESPECT, so that they can be better leaders in their life and careers, and negotiate their initial military onboarding and training.

Building Blocks


​As we strive to create equity and equality in our processes and give back to the community through donations, it is also important to enable, equip and educate black and brown families to create a lasting economic impact.

The Building Black and Brown Families Program aims to rebuild the community one block at a time by using counseling in 5 key areas determined to represent the greatest economic challenges for black and brown families based upon research findings – self, family, money, safety and health. By investing in this program, funders will be a part of shaping our black and brown communities, helping them overcome the challenges they face, and teaching them skills that will be a strong foundation for their future economic success. The counseling services will be provided by minority, women and veteran owned firms, as well as volunteer subject matter experts and the exact mix of services provided to a given family will be determined by an initial intake assessment.

Coming Soon: Essential Farm Workers & Families

The Essential Farm Workers &  Families (EFWF) Program intents to provide the farming community with the information, education, and resources available, that are free, and can significantly affect their life and future success. It is one of the biggest paradox that those that work to feed the US struggle to feed their own families.  Farm Workers are the poorest workers in the US and face exploitation, lack basic human rights, and live in fear of reporting abuse.  They work under the harshest conditions that include pesticide exposure, heat stress, and adequate drinking water.  Their low wages affect their children as many times they work alongside their parent affecting their safety, health, and education. The EFWF Program strives to educate and share valuable resources by using counseling/mentoring in 5 key areas (self, family, money, safety, and health) determined to represent the greatest challenges these farm workers face.  By investing in this program, funders will have the opportunity to be a part of changing the lives of many who work to provide the food we eat and ensure that these farm workers  have the same basic rights that all workers in the US benefit from.  We are all entitled to dignity and respect regardless of what we do for a living and we hope you will join us and support the Essential Farm Workers & Family (EFWF) Program’s goal

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