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Honor, Courage & Commitment

Help fund a “one of a kind pilot program” that will support current and future US Veterans successfully integrate into civilian life; employ Veterans to provide second career and income, and engage Veterans to assist high school-aged students in need.  You will be contributing to a program that will touch many lives in a positive and life-changing manner – a “call to action”.  Our at-risk students deserve every opportunity that we can provide to ensure they graduate and find a rewarding and exciting career to change their paths in a positive direction.

This leadership program will build character, encourage and develop the youth in our communities using the vast military leadership experience of our Veterans.  It is time to give back to these heroic individuals who placed their lives in harm’s way to protect us.  This program will also build unity and bridge the gap between our community and law enforcement.  If our children can qualify for our military then we believe they can move on to be successful in any career field they choose be it military, law enforcement, public services and/or trade.​

Please consider donating to this fundraiser so that we can put into action our Honor, Courage, Commitment (HCC) Program and assist our Veterans and our at-risk high school students.  And, in doing so, change the course of many lives!


Thank you for your support and contribution!

Building Blocks

Support the Building Black and Brown Families (BBBF) Program and help enable, equip, and educate black and brown families to create a lasting economic impact and provide a route to a better and successful future. Your contribution will assist in rolling this program out to the community and aims to rebuild communities one block at a time by providing mentoring in 5 key areas determined to represent the greatest economic challenges for black and brown families based upon research findings.

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