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Founder&Board Member

Kelvin Scott is the Founder and Board Member of the CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance. He also serves as the Senior Vice President and Head of Veterans Practice for CTR Factor, Inc. A retired US Marine Corps Veteran with 22 years’ experience of service, former Chief Instructor and Curriculum Developer for Airborne and Air Delivery School giving him the expertise required to create the appropriate curriculum for the schools. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing. Kelvin was also in charge of training, readiness, and discipline of entry-level to senior personnel as well as extensive experience with employment practices and handling alleged violations of laws and correcting discriminatory factors. This gives him the required expertise to analyze the school environment and at-risk students and set in place a positive, educational, and rewarding experience to help them succeed with future endeavors.  ​

Kelvin is a living example of what such a program as this one can do for at-risk students. While in high school Kelvin faced the possibility of not graduating due to unfortunate circumstances, but due to the mentoring that he received from a former military individual, his life changed, and he went on to graduate, and then enlist in the military. He has been paying forward what he learned from that experience, mentoring at-risk students throughout his life, which led him to create CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance to be able to provide the same opportunity to those in need!

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